Free newspaper archives in

New York

The Empire State has a substantial and growing collection of online archived newspapers — from the world-renowned New York Times to the tiny but historically important Friend of Man — that you can access at no charge. New York’s collection is large enough that it warrants a separate page here at XooxleAnswers. If you know of other collections we should add, please sent us a note.

New! New York State Historic Newspapers, 1795-2013
Over 4 million news pages from across NY. Many of these papers also seem to be in other collections, below.

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 1841-1902
One of my favorites…a great glimpse into 19th century New York with detailed coverage of the building of the Brooklyn Bridge, among other great stories.

The New York Times archives, 1853-current.
All articles published before 1923 or after 1986 are available free..don’t ask why they chose those dates…they just did. The Times limits the number of free articles you can access per month. This is one of the world’s great newspaper archives!

Northern New York newspaper archives, 1844-2004
A scattered assortment of newspapers; can only be searched on paper at a time.

NewspaperArchive.  Not free, but you can find more than 100 additional New York newspapers from 1797 to the present day. This subscription service is an excellent and rich collection, and well worth a visit.

Freedom’s Journal, 1827-1829
The nation’s first African-American newspaper, published out of New York City.
Housed, oddly enough, at the Wisconsin Historical Society, these archives can be viewed and searched issue by issue, but there is no archive-wide search function.

The Friend of Man, 1836-1842, Central New York.
An important abolitionist newspaper, archived at Cornell University’s Samuel J. May Anti-Slavery Collection.

Suffolk County, Long Island, NY, roughly 1830’s-1906.
You’ll find a good, diverse collection here. An alternative interface for the same collection is here.

New Nassau County, Long Island, NY newspaper archives. Collection is poorly described (actually, it’s not described at all!) but includes papers from Bethpage, Freeport, Queens, and elsewhere.

Old New York State Historical Newspaper Pages, 18th-20th centuries.
This has to be one of the oddest archives I know of, and searching can be pretty tedious. But with 10 million-plus newspaper pages from all over NY, it’s certainly a very valuable collection. Be sure to view the FAQ for a description of what’s what.

Hudson River Valley newspaper archives, 1831-Current. A nice collection sort-of-but-not-really upstate New York: Rockland, Westchester, Putnam and a bunch of other counties. Some unusual titles include Womanspeak, Left of Center, and Unscrewed.

Rochester area newspapers, from Monroe County Library, ca 1800’s.
You’ll find a pretty intriguing if somewhat helter-skelter collection here, mostly 19th century with a lot of historical interest. Frederick Douglas’ Paper and The Rights of Man cover the anti-slavery movement, Moore’s Rural New Yorker focused on agriculture while papers like the Anti-Masonic Enquirer and Family Journal and Christian Philanthropist impart their own uniquie spin to the events of the day. Be sure to see digital magazines and other publications in library’s collection.


Looking for information on old friends or lost relatives. Try Intelius.


NewspaperArchive.  Not free, but you can find more than 100 additional New York newspapers from 1797 to the present day. This subscription service is an excellent and rich collection, and well worth a visit.  This is the internet’s most powerful tool for exploring your family history. It’s a subscription service, but there’s no better source for genealogy research.

New York State Archives.  New York has a lot of digital archived material online. Some newspaper clippings to be sure, but most of it is photos, records, and documents from the state’s illustrious past. Includes a large Civil War collection and archives on women’s rights back to 1643!

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