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The Golden State has a growing collection of online historical newspapers that you can access at no charge. The list has grown large enough that it warrants a separate page here at XooxleAnswers. If you know of other collections we should add, please send us a note.


California Digital Newspaper Collection, approx 1849-1911.  A small but growing collection from UC Riverside. Includes articles from Alta CaliforniaSan Francisco Call, Amador Ledger, and the Los Angeles Herald, among others. There are several viewing options, including downloadable PDFs.

The Covina Newspaper Archives (1895-1999).  Includes the Covina Argus and other papers, from this southern California area near Los Angeles.

El Clamor Publico, 1855-1859 (Los Angeles).
One of California’s earliest Spanish-language newspapers, courtesy of the Huntington Library and USC.

Whittier Historical Newspaper Collection, 1883-1923.

From the Whittier Public Library, near Los Angeles. Amazingly, the system only seems to download full newspapers, rather than individual pages or articles, so patience is required.

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Assorted 20th Century Newspaper Clippings, Oviatt Library, CSU Northridge.
A small collection, but one that includes many interesting clippings on Nazi and Communist activities in Southern California.

New The Lowell (1898-current, scattered)
This is an impressive publication of Lowell High School in San Francisco. A professional-quality newspaper with a long history, now in archive form (scroll the page for their early issues).

New CalTech, in Pasadena, California
The California Institute of Technology doesn’t quite have their student newspapers archived yet (though they say they’re working on it…c’mon guys!), but this 2007 CalTech spoof issue of MIT is definitely worth a look

New Torrance Newspaper Archives, 1913-1969, including the Press and the Herald. Full text searching via the Torrance Public Library.

East Los Angeles College Campus News (1945-1999)

NewspaperArchive.  Not free, but you can find more than 100 additional California newspaper from the mid-1800’s to the present day. This subscription service is an excellent and rich collection, and well worth a visit.  This is the internet’s most powerful tool for exploring your family history. It’s a subscription service, but there’s no better source for genealogy research.

California State Archives  California is home to several online archives, loosely organized with an enormous amount of content scattered about. Like the 49ers…start digging.

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