Wind Power Nacelle Housings


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Here is a list of companies involved in the manufacture of nacelle housings for wind power turbines, identified in the course of some work on alternative energy sources.

The nacelle housing unit is the shell or cabin that holds the turbine equipment at the top of the wind power pole, and is usually made of a polymer-fiberglass composite.

The following companies manufacture such nacelle housings and/or are key suppliers of nacelle materials for the wind energy industry:

Bach Glasfiber, Denmark

Balmoral Group, Scotland

Bollwell Corp, Australia and Canada

Composite VCI, Canada

DIAB, Sweden

Eire Composites, Ireland

HighComp, Norway

Kalpana Glass, India

Molded Fiber Glass, US

Owens-Corning, US

Siplast, Denmark

Suzlon Energy, India

The companies below were all mentioned in one source or another as manufacturers of nacelles, although their status has not been independently confirmed:

BAE SYSTEMS Advanced Technology Centre, UK

Enercon, Germany

Gamesa, US

GE Wind Tehachapi, US

Hitco Carbon Composites, US

Mitsubishi Power Systems, US

NEG Micon US
(a subsidiary of Vestas, the huge Denmark wind power company)

TPI Composites Inc, US

Vectorply, US

Vestas, Australia

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