Questions and Answers on Cancer

At Google Answers, I fielded a lot of health questions, including questions on cancer…everthing from new drugs like neulasta to alternative therapies. You can see a few of these here.

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Q: Incidence and prevalence of types of cancer

–I need to know the incidence (new cases each year) and prevalence (number in the population) of several types of cancer in various areas of the world.

Q: Question. about Rising Gleason Scores and Prostate Cancer

–What evidence is there that Prostate Cancer can increase in grade when untreated.. ie Gleason scores rising at serial biopsies.

Q: Cause of eye cancer

–Eye cancer (choroidal melenoma) and dioxin exposure

Q: Effect of casodex on PSA level in prostate cancer patient

–How rapidly can casodex lower PSA levels

Q: Prostate cancer survivability

–To treat or not to treat

Q: Use of ritalin in treating the fatigue of cancer patients

–Methylphenidate (Ritalin) as therapy for mitigating the fatigue experienced by cancer patients

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