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More and more digitized archives for historical newspapers from around the world are coming online. A large number are available for free, covering a broad swath world history, from the 1600s to modern times. Vintage newspaper archives from all over the globe are highlighted on this page (other than US and Europe archives, which are on other pages).

Headlines, articles, display ads, broadsides, classifieds, sports scores, financials, the rise and fall of empires…all there for the taking.

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Canadian Newspaper Archives

Canadian newspapers and the Second World War. Title says it all, eh? This is Canada’s Democracy at War collection.

Eleanor Muehle Newspaper Archive, 1967-2006 offers the Terrace Herald, courtesy of the Terrace, BC library.

The British Colonist, Victoria, British Columbia, 1859-1920. Full text searching and full page images.

More British Columbia, Canada papers from the Prince George newspaper project…seems to cover most of the 20th century. Vintage newspapers from Prince George and Fort George.

New. British Columbia Historical Newspapers, 1865-1995, from the University of BC, includes several dozen papers, from the Abbotsford Post to the Western Call.

Toronto Star, 1894-present. Free searching, but you have to pay for full content, too.

Manitoba, Canada Newspaper Archives, 1859-present. More than a dozen fully searchable newspapers here, including the Nor’Wester, one of Manitoba’s earliest papers. Papers in French and English are available.

Winnipeg Free Press, 1874-2008. More free archives from one of Manitoba’s main newspapers. update: This source is now charging a fee for full access

Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada Maritime Newspaper Archives, 19th and 20th centuries. Two papers, the Twillington Sun (1884-1924) and French-language Le Gaboteur (1984-1995) are browseable by date, along with an assortment of other resources.

Quebec, Canada French and English Language Newspaper Archives, 1826-1978. More than a dozen papers here, browseable by date only, courtesy of the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec.

Alberta, Canada Newspaper Archives. Covering the period 1885-2001, this is another impressively large digitized collection, but issues can only be browsed, not searched. Why do they do that?

Canada Gazette: The Official Newspaper of the Government of Canada, 1841-1997. Site includes links to more recent issues of the Gazette as well.

Multicultural Canada. A very poorly designed, poorly described but important collection of documents, including numerous newspapers, representing Canada’s cultural diversity. Includes newspaper archives for: L’Ami duPeuple, Canadian India Times, several Chinese and Vietnamese newspapers, Al Hilal newspaper, and the Voice of Pakistan.

Special Editions of Canadian Newspapers. A small but lovely collection of inidividual ‘special issue’ newspapers (e.g., Christmas editions), some as early as 1885.

Halton Newspaper Index (Ontario). The Burlington Public Library, near Toronto and Hamilton, has scanned and indexed numerous local newspapers from Acton, Halton, Georgetown, Milton and Oakville. This sporadic collection is mostly 1950’s onward, but includes some papers from 1920s-1940s, and the Halton Herald, from 1867. Use the Browse feature, to see newspapers and dates.

Nechako Chronicle, 1928-1984 (British Columbia). From the Vanderhoof Public Library, a chronicle of life in the North Country.

Prince George, British Columbia, 1909-1961. An ambitious collection for this corner of Canada, including the Fort George Tribune, the Prince George Star, the Prince George Leader, and several other area newspapers. Full text search, but very awkward presentation of results, I’m afraid.

Nova Scotia Newspaper Archives, 1769-1991. A smattering of a lot of newspapers and a few magazines. Full text searching seems possible from the Advanced Search option, but it’s quite awkward to use.

Our Ontario Community Newspaper Collection, 1810-2007. A robust collection of about 20 archives in both French and English, with full-text searching and a nice preview function.

Wainwright Star Chronicle, 1908-2009, full-text archives courtesy of the Wainwright Public Library in Alberta.

New Vanderhoof, British Columbia, 1917-2007. The Bill Silver newspaper archive includes the Nechako Chronicle, Omineca Express and the Vanderhoof Herald.

NewspaperArchive, a subscription service, offers hundreds of papers covering 3 centuries of news from 11 countries on 4 continents. This is a “must see” resource.


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Australia and New Zealand

National Library of Australia Digitized Newspapers, 1803-1954. That’s Australia, mate, not Austria. This rapidly growing collection includes The Argus, The Courier-Mail, Mercury, Perth Gazette, and the South Australian Advertiser, and dozens of others vintage newspapers. Full text searching and dowloadable PDF images.

Australian Digitized Collection. Magazines such as the “The Adelaide Independent and Cabinet of Amusement”, mostly from the 1840-1850 period, and fully searchable.

Also from Australia, the Nambour Chronicle and North Coast Advertiser is online and searchable, from 1903-1955. Free (and easy) registration is required.

Maori Newspapers. Yep. Maori language newspapers from New Zealand, covering the period 1842-1932.

New Zealand PapersPast newspapers. And for the non-Maori speakers among you, more than a million pages of NZ newspapers, from 1839-1932, full-text searchable.

NewspaperArchive, a subscription service, offers hundreds of papers covering 3 centuries of news from 11 countries on 4 continents. This is a “must see” resource.


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Elsewhere Around the World

Hebrew language newspapers; from 1856-1931. Searching and results are entirely in Hebrew. It’s not clear where the papers are from, geographically, but I presume they are from Israel and Palestine — a significant resource for Jewish history.

Caribbean Newspaper Imaging Project has newspaper archives from Cuba (1947-1961, in Spanish) and Haiti (1899-1979, in French). There seems to be a smattering of content from Haiti, Bermuda, and elsewhere, though the collection is not well-described. Content can be searched by topics and keywords, and full images can be viewed after downloading a free plug-in.

From India, the Andhra Patrika, 1931-1941 in (probably) Sanskrit. These are straight PDF images, available as large file downloads.

Indonesia newspaper archives, WWII era, 1940-1946, courtesy of the Netherlands Institute. Full image vintage newspapers can only be browsed by date.

The Jewish Press Site. A wide variety of content, from Israel, Palestine and other places around the world. Newspapers include  The Palestine Post 1932-1950, other English and Hebrew newspapers, and several French language publications: The Bulletin de l’Alliance Israelite Universelle 1860-1913 and Paix Et Droit 1921-1940 from France, La Liberté (1915-1922) and L’Avenir Illustré (1926-1940) from Morocco (some Arabic content),

Mexico newspaper archives at the Hemeroteca Nacional Digital. Newspapers are supposedly available here, though I couldn’t work my way through the registration process.

New Argentina Newspaper Archives from Santa Fe Province, 1911-1979. Full text search and page images for this east-central province, home to the cities of Rosario and Santa Fe.

Newspaper archives in Chinese, ca 1850-current. This site from the Center for Research Libraries does a wonderful job of summarizing Chinese-language online archives, both subscription and free. Included are free links to Chinese newspapers from New Zealand, the Ming Pao Daily News from British Columbia, Shijie Ribao (World Daily) from Taiwan, Shanghai Library National Index, and even a special collection of newspaper clippings on Baseball in Taiwan.

Thailand Newspapers, WWII Collection, 1923-1947. Three Thai language newspapers, Krungdeb Varasab Daily News, The Siam Rashdra Daily News, and Lak Mueang, from the decades before and during World War II. Images are browseable by date, and are worth a look, even if you don’t know the language.

Singapore Pages, 1831-2009, provides full text searching in English, Chinese and Malay. The site displays page views from a diverse collection of publications, including Malayan Saturday Post, Singapore Daily News, Straits Advocate, Lianhe Zaobao and Sin Chew Jit Poh.

New North China Herald (Shanghai), 1850-1926. An English-language newspaper. Content appears to be available at no charge from, ordinarily a subscription site…use their Browse by Location to access China newspapers.

African Journal Archive from Sabinet in South Africa. No newspapers here, but there’s so little archive information from Africa that I wanted to include this anyway. A growing set of academic-ish journal articles from or about Africa.

New Japan Pre-War Newspaper Archives collection at Kobe University (1911-1945). Looks to be mostly clippings, though it’s hard for me to tell. Site is in English (sort of!) and the newspapers are Japanese.

NewspaperArchive, a subscription service, offers hundreds of papers covering 3 centuries of news from 11 countries on 4 continents. This is a “must see” resource.


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