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More and more digitized archives for historical newspapers from Europe are coming online. A large number are available for free and they cover a broad swath of European and world history, from the 1600s to modern times. Vintage newspaper archives from Europe are highlighted on this page (a separate page is devoted to archives from the rest of the world).

Headlines, articles, display ads, broadsides, classifieds, sports scores, financials…they’re all there for the taking.

UK, Ireland and Wales Newspaper Archives

…For original print copies of UK newspapers, check out Historic Newspapers

Six 18th and 19th century British (England and Scotland) publications are online, covering roughly 1750-1850. This is a cool collection, and includes the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society.

UK Gazettes offer 350 years of official government notices from London, Belfast and Edinburgh. Full-text searching and PDF results..a very arcane, but very worthwhile resource.

British Library Newspaper Archive gives you a smattering of vintage UK papers from late 19th/early 20th century, including the Manchester Guardian and the News of the World. Very sporadic coverage, and a painful search interface, but worth bookmarking, at least.

The Burney Collection, 17th and 18th centuries, is also from the British Library. It’s free…sort of…as long as you’re at the library or one of the many schools and institutions in the UK providing free access.

Irish Newspaper Archive offers varied newspapers and date ranges, some as early as 1763. Free to search, but it will cost you to retrieve full text.

Saoirse, Irish Freedom Newspaper, 1987-2003. A publication of the Sinn Féin. Formerly, The Republic Bulletin, in both English and Irish Gaelic, hosted at Indiana University.

Update: No longer free, I’m afraid.  The Guardian and The Observer (UK) Awkward searching, but free vintage content for the entire 20th century.

Historic Newspapers UK, 1900-current, is a source of actual (hard copy) British newspapers. You can search for availability at no charge. For a fee, they’ll send you the full newspaper for the date you choose…good birthday gift idea!

The Scotsman Digital Archive, 1817 to 1950. Scottish history, free to search, results show headline only. You have to pay for full copies.

NCSE: Nineteenth Century Serials Edition A recent and important addition to online archives, the NCSE collection covers most of the 19th century. Its newspaper and magazine sources include Monthly Repository (1806-1837) and Unitarian Chronicle (1832-1833), Northern Star (1838-1852), Leader (1850-1860), English Woman’s Journal (1858-1864), Tomahawk (1867-1870). and Publishers’ Circular (1880-1890).

Villanova University Digital Library. A number of Irish and Irish-American publications here, including Irish Press (1918-22), Irish Tribune (1848), and (believe it or not) the Irish Felon (1848). Some non-Irish materials as well.

UK Newspaper Archives. An alternative write-up at of many of the sources presented here.

Galway Advertiser, Ireland 1970-2010.

Last Chance to Read (1710-1870). A subscription site, but it’s free to search and view snippets. The collection is unusual enough to warrant including. About 100 papers, including The British Spy, Figaro and the London Evening Post.

British Newspaper Archives, 1800-1900. Dozens of newspapers from the 19th century. Free to search, but there is a fee for viewing actual pages (though a bit of the content can be accessed at no charge).

Fitzrovia Community Newspaper Archive, 1973-present. A collection of local papers and newsletters from the London-area neighborhood of Fitzrovia.

Welsh Newspapers Online, 1804-1919, in English and Welsh, with some papers using both, courtesy of Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru, aka The National Library of Wales.


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One of the best vintage archives available is the aptly-named NewspaperArchive. This is a subscription service, but well worth it. I use them constantly in my research, and recommend them highly. Though mostly US-focused, they also archive collections from Canada, the UK, Jamaica, Ireland, South Africa, Japan, Germany and elsewhere.

German Historical Newspapers

The growing collection of newspaper archives from Germany is a mixed bag, with only a few resources providing full-text search, and the rest, browseable by date.

Assorted Bavarian German newspaper archives, with intermittent coverage from early 1700’s to 1945. Includes Corburger Zeitung, Der gerade Weg, Grafinger Zeitung, and others.

Deutsche Exilzeitschriften, 1933-1945. Newspaper archives from assorted German exile communities.

Freiburger Zeitung (1784-1943), Staufener Wochenblatt (1875-1968) and other German newspaper archive materials. Use the Freitextsuche box to begin your search.

Historische Zeitungen und Zeitschriften–German Newspaper archives from Saxony, mostly early 1800’s. A varied collection, but it’s difficult to isolate just the newspapers from the overall digital collection.

Latvian newspapers, 1886-1957. There are a lot of newspapers here, browseable by date.

Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg German newspaper archives. Includes field newspapers from World War I, Heidelberger Zeitung (1861-1919), and Der Heidelberger Student (1929-1938)

Die Zeit Online has archives dating back at least to 1946, although I’ve found earlier ones as well. This is one of Germany’s most well-respected newspapers. Interface is in German, and full page images are available.

Villanova University Digital Library has two WWI-era German-American publications in English: The Fatherland, and World War, a translation of the German publication, Weltkrieg.

Der Speigel, the German weekly magazine, has free, full-image, full text archives dating back to 1947.

Hamburger Abendblatt, 1948 – present. A simple search in the search box will access the full text archives, but no images.

Compact Memory — Jewish Newspapers and Periodicals, 1806-1938. In German, appears to be a rich collection with full text search.

French Historical Newspapers

The French, their wonderful history notwithstanding, have done a mediocre job archiving their newspapers, but a few archives are available.

French Newspaper Archives. These are not searchable, but full page images can be retrieved by date. Date coverage is poorly described (quelle surprise!), but coverage includes Le Figaro, Le Temps, Le Croix, and others, chiefly from the 1800s to early 1900s. update: The website has been redesigned, and all newspapers are now included in the Periodicals collection.

Mercure Francois, 1605-1643, France’s oldest newspaper, is another French resource, more wonderful than most. Browse by date, but no text searching available.

Another oldie from France, sort of French and German, is this University of Heidelberg archive of a Strausbourg newspaper from 1609-1610.

La Gazette de France, 1786. Looks to be a fairly complete edition for the year.

One of the best vintage archives available is the aptly-named NewspaperArchive. This is a subscription service, but well worth it. I use them constantly in my research, and recommend them highly. Though mostly US-focused, they also archive collections from Canada, the UK, Jamaica, Ireland, South Africa, Japan, Germany and elsewhere.

Dutch/Holland/Netherlands Historical Newspapers

Whatever name you use, the Dutch have done an admirable job of reaching back centuries to provide some of the deepest archives on the web.

Netherlands, 1752-present. The Leeuwarder Courant (in Dutch). This is an incredible, deep archive, easy to use, and as they say (in their cute Dutch-y language) 256 jaar gratis!

Also from Holland, the Groene Hart Archieven (Green Heart Archives) hold several Dutch papers, including Rijnbode, Rijnlandsche Courant, Schakel, Kroniekweek, and Oranjebulletin. Dates of coverage are not well described.

Koninklijke Bibliotheek, 1618-1945. As far as I know, a recent — and incredible — addition of hundreds of newspapers to online Netherlands archives, including Dutch colonies in Indonesia, Antilles, Suriname and elsewhere.

Utrechts Nieuwsblad, 1893-1967 is another free Dutch newspaper archive.


Other European Newspaper Archives

Denmark Illustreret Tidende, 1759-1865, a Danish magazine style newspaper. Browseable by date.

Finnish Historical Newspapers — 1771-1890. Quite a deep collection of dozens of newspapers, almost a million digitized pages, in all. Searchable, if you happen to know Finnish.

Nordic newspaper archives. You want historical? Some of these papers date back to 1645. Several collections from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland can be linked to from this site.

New. Slovenia newspaper archives. The Slovenia Digital Library has posted a ton of material — newspapers, magazines and professional journals. Not sure of the date range, but at least back to the early 1800s. Click the ENG option at the top of the page to render the text in English.


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Austrian Newspaper Archives. ANNO, the virtual newspaper reading room of the Austrian National Library, includes newspapers, magazines and journals from the period 1700-1944 (intermittent). Page images with full text searching.

Arbeiter Zeitung, 1945-1989, also from Austria, with full page images, browseable by date.

Estonian Newspaper Archives from 1821-2008. If you can read Estonian, this should be a valuable site, but there is no English interface. Papers from Estonia, and from Estonian speakers in Stockholm, Toronto, and Russia.

Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands Archives. The VESTNORD project covers news and magazines from the frozen parts of the Atlantic with (bless them) an option for an English-language interface. Coverage from 1773-2001.

Greek language newspapers. Assorted newspapers from Greece covering 1893-1983, fully searchable.

Italy newspaper archives. Le Gazzette Bolognesi, 1674-1796, full image, can be browsed by date.

More 19th and 20th century Italian language papers, from Italy, New York, and elsewhere. There are over a million pages of newspapers, journals and magazines here, mostly browseable by date and title.

La Stampa from Turin, Italy, 1867-2005. Looks to be a rich archive of this major Italian daily, with full-text search. Link is to English auto-translation of original site in Italian.

Luxembourg, 1704-1940, intermittent coverage of assorted newspaper and magazine archives, browseable by date. Some of the publications, like Luxemburger Illustrierte, are quite beautiful.

Switzerland newspapers, 1826-1998. The Swiss have put the French-language Journal de Genève, almost 200 years of it, online in an easy to use and search digitized format. Other journals will be added soon.

More from Switzerland, 1738-current, in two French-language newspaper, L’Express and L’Impartial. Full text searching and page image results. Site interface is in several languages, including English.

Archives of Spain. There seem to be hundreds of publications here, mostly magazines and journals, with some newspapers, from the 19th and 20th centuries, from the collection of the Biblioteca Nacional de Espana. If anyone can email a good description of this site to me, it would be much appreciated.

Another Spanish newspaper archive, 1891-current, from Hemeroteca ABC, with newspapers and magazines from Madrid, Seville, Cordoba, and elsewhere.

Update Swedish newspapers from the 1700’s to present. In Swedish. Material earlier than 1902 is freely available; later material is protected under Sweden’s strict copyright laws.


One of the best vintage archives available is the aptly-named NewspaperArchive. This is a subscription service, but well worth it. I use them constantly in my research, and recommend them highly. Though mostly US-focused, they also archive collections from Canada, the UK, Jamaica, Ireland, South Africa, Japan, Germany and elsewhere.


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Even with all the free resources available, I still find to be the most valuable resource available for researching history. I’ve been a subscriber for years. Take a look: NewspaperArchive