XooxleAnswers’ Top Ten Business Research Tools

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Yahoo Finance


I generally make Yahoo Finance my first stop for investment, business and financial research.

This is especially true for publicly traded stocks and bonds, but Yahoo Finance runs deeper than that, providing information on both public and private companies. The site’s focus is decidedly US-centric, but Yahoo Finance is also a rich resource for looking into international corporate, business and financial research.

There’s a terrific collection of tools here. Mouse over the tabs on the Yahoo Finance home page to see some of the options available under Investing, News & Opinion, and Personal Finance.

You can also create and manage your own investment portfolios under the My Portfolios tab after you have registered with Yahoo Finance.

A few items of particular note:

There’s good list of calendars for splits, earnings, IPO’s, and so on, such as this one for company conference calls.

Need to know what GE was trading at on January 11, 1979? The Yahoo Finance Historical Stock Quotes tool will tell you in a jiff, and even lets you download the data to a spreadsheet.

I like their Stock Screener and Bond Screener tools.

Lastly, the Search Yahoo Finance tool is a bit tucked away, but it’s a terrific resource for quickly finding what’s available at the very impressive Yahoo Finance site — the #1 site in XooxleAnswers’ list of Top Ten Business Research Tools for 2012.

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