XooxleAnswers’ Top Ten Business Research Tools

All tools are available online and are absolutely free

Google News

Google News is a treasure trove of articles covering thousands of newspapers, blogs, magazines and other print and electronic sources.

Nor is it only the latest news that’s available. Google News includes an archive search that can take you back through history by accessing the news stories of the past few hundred years.

Since Google News points to so many different sources, the results inevitably include a combination of free articles and articles that are only available for a fee. However, even the fee-based materials provide snippets of information to get you started. For example, here’s how news of the early days of the Federal Reserve Bank looks from the perspective of a few dozen different news sources.

You can also create Google News Alerts so that you’ll be emailed immediately whenever there’s a new story on a topic of interest to you — great for tracking company news.

Google News isn’t perfect…there’s still a fair amount of messy and extraneous material that shows up in most searches. But there is so much here — instantaneous access to breaking news, and the ability to retrieve stories from last week or last century — that this is a clear contender for inclusion on the XooxleAnswers’ list of Top Ten Business Research Tools for 2012.

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