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Better Business Bureau


To get an idea of a company’s reputation, pay a visit to the Better Business Bureau and click on the button to Check Out a Business or Charity.

BBB has a pretty deep database. Their listings of company and business names, and charities, covers the US and Canada. Better yet, it includes not only BBB member companies, but seemingly millions of other businesses small and large, that come to the BBB’s attention. And best of all, of course…it’s online, easy to access, and free.

The BBB national database allows searches on company name, address, business phone number, URL, email address, zip code, and a host of other options, but you’ll need the BBB Advanced Search to take full advantage of these capabilities.

The BBB database would be even better if it provided more specific information about the nature of complaints, and how they were resolved. Still, this is a top-notch online resource that clearly belongs on XooxleAnswers’ list of Top Ten Business Research Tools for 2012


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