Top Ten Free Business Research Tools for 2013

The best business research tools available, online and absolutely free

  • Looking for some in-depth information on a company’s finances?
  • Trying to track down a domestic or overseas manufacturer for a hard-to-find product
  • Wondering if a potential business partner has undisclosed legal problems?

If you have questions on companies, executives, manufacturers, industry sectors, and anything else business related, this  list of  the XooxleAnswers Top Ten Business Research Tools on the Internet can be a big help. What could be better?…high-quality, no-cost business research tools, just a mouse click away.


 The XooxleAnswers Top Ten List for 2013:

1. Yahoo Finance: A one-stop resource for company, financial and investment information

2. EDGAR: The SEC’s company filing system with a new twist….Full-Text Searching for the past four years

3. Alibaba: A B2B powertool matching buyers with manufacturers and suppliers that gets it (almost) right

4. Google News: Sure you know this one. But have you really put it to work for your business needs?

5. Superpages: The best of the online Yellow Pages…allows searching even when you don’t know the state.

6. ThomasNet: Another B2B mainstay, when looking for sources of industrial goods.

7. State Government Public Records: State governments corporation, securities and UCC records know more about companies than you might imagine, and it’s all public record.

8. BBB.org: Checking a company’s reputation? Start with the Better Business Bureau’s enormous database.

9. Federal Contractor Search Tools: They’re awfully clumsy, but chock full of details on who’s doing what for Uncle Sam

10. XooxleAnswers Research: Fill out our contact form, we’ll give you a dollop or two of free business research!

One of the best research archives available is the aptly-named NewspaperArchive. This is a subscription service, but well worth it. I use them constantly in my personal and business research, and recommend them highly.

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