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With thousands of Q&A’s under our belts, we can only offer a few examples of our work.

In addition to the information below, here are links to a page with examples of our work on:

Patents and Prior Art,

and another on our work on

Due Diligence and Competitive Intelligence.

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Some examples of the research XooxleAnswers can offer:

Companies List of International Companies in Suzhou, China Company background research Nuclear radiation per MMBtu for coal plants
Health Cost of surgery in Canada Brain Damage similar to Stroke on an MRI Scan Incidence and prevalence of types of cancer
Legal New York State Disability and Workers Comp Copyright on quotations Screen-scraping laws in India

and an assortment of others:

Madison Avenue:

Where can I download a specific TV ad?


I need a list of quilting magazines.

Art History:

Where can I find information on Italian Artist Ferdinando Cavalleri (1794-1865)?

Mailing Lists:

How can I get a cheap list of 30,000+ hotel addresses?

Environmental Economics:

What is the dollar value of the world’s wild places?

People Finding:

News on the death of a friend.

Tax Law:

Where can I find IRS rulings on citizenship and tax liabilities?

Personal Business:

Is this Australian company a scam?