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News Flash: uclue is live…the new Q&A site founded by a number of former Google Answers researchers. Check it out!

A number of my former Google Answers colleagues have generously made their contact information available here. Some of them offer general or specialized research services, as noted:

Aceresearcher was one of Google Answers’ finest, and does research on a wide variety of topics.

Archaeolink is one of the top archaeological sites on the internet, and is run by ex Google Answers researcher digsalot-ga.

Bobbie7 was GA’s most prolific researcher, answering — oh — about twice as many questions as I did!

in4m8n (get it?) is a general purpose research service, founded by Google Answers guy clouseau-ga (no relation to the famed Inspector), who can be reached at bob AT

journalist-ga can provide top of the line editing, marketing and PR services.

Missy-ga was the mother-henzilla of the Google Answers researcher community. Her research services are second to none.

Omnivorous-ga answered some 770 questions, many specializing in aviation, finance, genealogy and marketing questions. He also edited the very wonderful 365 Days of Google Answers, a collection of information on ‘this day in history’.

OneLinkAnswers is a terrific new and free Q&A service from Easterangel-ga in the Phillipines.

Politicalguru-ga is a, well, guru at researching topics both political and otherwise, and can provide an international, multi-lingual perspective on research topics.

Rainbow-ga answered at least a gazillion questions at Google Answers…all of them superb.

State Secrets is a real-life WWII spy thriller…a must-have book written by the illustrious probonopublico-ga

Zebria is a research service specializing in health and medical topics, run by top-notch researcher crabcakes-ga. I’ve used this service myself, and I can attest to the excellent quality of crabby’s work.

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