About Us

XooxleAnswers is a source of high-quality, in-depth, very fast and very affordable cheap! research.

Turn to XooxleAnswers when you’re…

  • too busy to do it yourself
  • short staffed
  • in a rush
  • not sure where in the information haystack your particular needle is buried

Use XooxleAnswers for…

  • legal research
  • checking the legitimacy of a potential business offer or client
  • unearthing family history
  • retrieving old records, articles, newspapers
  • prior art and other intellectual property research
  • getting details of that great play in the third inning of 1936 World Series
  • finding out the value of that old stock certificate
  • solving life’s intractable problems, like how to clean ink stains from a wool rug
  • finding sources of government/foundation grants, student loans, business funding
  • identifying contacts at companies, colleges, non-profits, government agencies

XooxleAnswers history

David Sarokin, XooxleAnswers’ founder, is a researcher par excellence with decades of professional experience. David, a Fulbright Scholar, is a biologist with a wealth of experience as a policy analyst, a legislative researcher for the US Senate, a fund-raiser for non-profits, and a program manager in the federal government. David served as one of the most productive researchers at Google Answers, an online, fee-based Q&A service that was retired at the end of 2006.

What customers have said about our research

…Another great answer. Just what I was looking for. Thanks.

…I had no idea where to start my research. The researcher provided me with a tremendous amount of information that I hope will help my business efforts. Well worth the money spent.

…Very concise and to the point answer. Very speedy response time and very professional. This has been a most positive experience. Thank you very much.

…Many thanks, Dave, I do wish that I had your talent to think of everything.