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XooxleAnswers is your source for very affordable, very professional, custom-tailored research, for business, legal, academic or personal needs. We handle everything from a quick-turnaround, one-hour research project, to month-long efforts involving teams of researchers.

Research fees start as low as $50….Just Contact Us to get started on…

Business Research

Due Diligence ♦ Patents, Prior Art, Intellectual Property ♦ Competitive Intelligence ♦ Market Research ♦ Complaints, scams, legitimate and illegitimate practices ♦ Executive contact information ♦ Executive biographies and business history ♦ Mailing list creation

Legal Research

Case Law ♦ Legislative and Regulatory Analysis ♦ Document Retrieval ♦ Bankruptcies ♦ State and Federal Precedents ♦ Easements and Right of Way ♦ Slander, Libel, Defamation ♦ Estates — Heirs and Assets ♦ Missing People

Personal and Academic Research

Tracking down forgotten friends, songs, quotations ♦ Genealogy/Family History Research ♦ Academic and homework assistance

 Article Find Services

Find obscure journal articles ♦ Locate old newspaper articles ♦ Visit our Free Newspaper Archives collection


A few other sites worth looking into:

Uclue…a Q&A site founded by a number of former Google Answers researchers. A great place for low-cost, high-quality research work, with research starting at only $10.

NewspaperArchive…find old newspaper headlines, articles, advertisements, editorials on historical events both large and small.

Newspapers.com…another excellent newspaper archives service.