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XooxleAnswers is your source for very affordable, very professional, custom-tailored research, for business, legal, academic or personal needs.

We handle everything from a quick-turnaround, one-hour research project, to month-long efforts involving teams of researchers.

Research fees start as low as $50….Use the Contact Us Today form on the right to get started.

Our team of research specialists can tackle your questions on:

Business Research

Due Diligence ♦ Patents, Prior Art, Intellectual Property ♦ Competitive Intelligence ♦ Market Research ♦ Complaints, scams, legitimate and illegitimate practices ♦ Executive contact information ♦ Executive biographies and business history ♦ Mailing list creation

Legal Research

Case Law ♦ Legislative and Regulatory Analysis ♦ Document Retrieval ♦ Bankruptcies ♦ State and Federal Precedents ♦ Easements and Right of Way ♦ Slander, Libel, Defamation ♦ Estates — Heirs and Assets ♦ Missing People

Health and Medical Research

Disease Demographics and Statistics ♦ Cancer Treatments–Conventional and Alternative ♦ Rating Doctors and Hospitals ♦ Malpractice Records

Personal and Academic Research

Finding articles from magazines, journals, conferences ♦ Tracking down forgotten friends, songs, quotations ♦ Finding recent or historical newspaper articles ♦ Genealogical/Family History Research


Heck…XooxleAnswers can even help with your homework (but we won’t write your papers!)



A few other sites worth looking into:

Uclue…a Q&A site founded by a number of former Google Answers researchers. A great place for low-cost, high-quality research work, with research starting at only $10.

FirstMention…where you can explore the history, origins and earliest appearance of common words, phrases, names, events, and places.

NewspaperArchive…find old newspaper headlines, articles, advertisements, editorials on historical events both large and small.…this family history site has its own deep collection of newspaper archives and tons of other materials.

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